The Tomfoolery Show

The Tomfoolery Show was an NBC network Saturday morning animated series that first premiered on September 12, 1971.

The series received mostly mixed and negative reviews for not using original material and was cancelled on September 4, 1971.


The show was based on the nonsense poetry of Edward Lear & Lewis Carroll and featured several recurring characters such as the Yonghy-Bonghy-Bo (from the Lear poem "The Courtship of the Yonghy-Bonghy-Bo"), the Enthusiastic Elephant, the Fizzgiggious Fish, and the Scroobious Snake.

Some original material was also written based on characters created by Lear although much of the material was a straight recital of poems and limericks or songs using Lear's poems set to music.

A recurring joke had a delivery boy running around trying to deliver a large plant and shouting 'Plant for Mrs Discobolus!'.

Some of the show's gags were based on Abbott and Costello skits which involved one of the regular characters in troubling situations. A cooking lesson for a silly recipe was presented in each episode.

Voice CastEdit

  • Peter Hawkins
  • Bernard Spear
  • The Maury Laws Singers

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