Martin short show

The Martin Short Show was a NBC network sitcom starring actor\comedian Martin Short in the title role.

The show first premiered on September 15, 1994. Other cast members consisted of Jan Hooks (known for starring on "Saturday Night Live" along with various other TV appearances), Noley Thornton, Zack Duhame, Brian Doyle-Murray and Andrea Martin.

"The Martin Short Show" first aired on Thursday nights, but it was later moved to Tuesday nights, but after only 8 episodes aired, NBC cancelled the series on September 27, 1994.


The show was about Marty Short, a comedian who tries to balance his work life as a sketch show host & his home life with his wife and children.


  • Martin Short as Marty Short
  • Jan Hooks as Meg Harper Short
  • Noley Thornton as Caroline Short
  • Zack Duhame as Charlie Short
  • Andrea Martin as Alice Manoogan
  • Brian Doyle-Murray as Gary

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