Family tree

The Family Tree was a NBC network drama TV series that was created by Carol Evan McKeand. In 1982 (a year before the series' premiere), the pilot episode was a made for TV movie called "The Six of Us."

The series premiered on January 22, 1983 and the cast consisted of Frank Converse, Anne Archer, James Spader, Jonathan Hall Kovacs, Melora Hardin, Martin Hewitt, Alan Feinstein, Joanna Cassidy and Ann Dusenberry.

After only six episodes aired, "The Family Tree" was cancelled on August 10, 1983.


The series was about Annie Benjamin, a divorced mother of three children (Sam, Tess and Toby) who marries Kevin Nichols, a divorced father of two grown children (Jake and Molly) and the owner of a lumber company.


  • Anne Archer as Annie Benjamin Nichols
  • Frank Converse as Kevin Nichols
  • Jonathan Hall Kovacs as Toby Benjamin
  • Melora Hardin as Tess Benjamin
  • Martin Hewitt as Sam Benjamin
  • James Spader as Jake Nichols
  • Evan Ross as Josh Krebs

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