The Duck Factory was an NBC sitcom, created Allan Burns & Herbert Klynn, starring comedian Jim Carrey.

The show first premiered on April 12, 1984 and was initially aired on Thursday nights after "Cheers".

In June of 1984, the show's timeslot was switched to Wednesday nights and it ended its run on July 11, 1984 after one season & 13 episodes.


"The Duck Factory" was about a young man, Skip Tarkenton who gets a job as a cartoonist for an animation company.


  • Jim Carrey as Skip Tarkenton
  • Jack Gilford as Brooks Carmichael
  • Don Messick as Wally Wooster
  • Teresa Ganzel as Sheree Winkler
  • Clarence Gilyard, Jr. as Roland Culp
  • Julie Payne as Aggie Aylesworth
  • Nancy Lane as Andrea Lewin
  • Jay Tarses as Marty Fenneman


  1. Goodbye Buddy, Hello Skip (Pilot) (4/12/1984)
  2. Filling Buddy's Shoes (4/19/1984)
  3. The Annies (4/26/1984)
  4. No Good Deed (5/3/1984)
  5. The Way We Weren't (5/10/1984)
  6. Can We Talk? (5/17/1984)
  7. The Education Of Mrs. Winkler (5/24/1984)
  8. Ordinary People, Too (6/6/1984)
  9. It Didn't Happen One Night (6/13/1984)
  10. The Duck Stops Here (6/20/1984)
  11. The Children's Half Hour (6/27/1984)
  12. You Always Love The One You Hurt (7/4/1984)
  13. Call Me Responsible (7/11/1984)

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