The best times

The Best Times was an NBC network drama series (which was revised from an earlier 1984 pilot called "Things Are Looking Up") that was written by Seth Freeman and Michele Gallery.

The show premiered on April 19, 1985 and ended June 24, 1985 after only one season & 6 episodes.


The show was about single mother & widow Joanne Braithwaite returning to teach English at Southern California's John F. Kennedy High School. Her daughter, Mia just started at JFK High School, trying hard to fit in.

Joanne found support in science teacher Mr. Dan Bragen.

The students of JFK High were jock Tony, tough girl Annette, former high school dropout Chris, Dionne & Giselle, who were part-time workers at a fast-food restaurant called The Potato Palace, Neil "Trout" Troutman (who was the Potato Palace's night manager), Trout's girlfriend, Joy and Trout's younger, troublemaker brother, Dale.

The show focused on issues such as drugs and pre-marital sex.


  • Janet Eilber as Ms. Joanne Braithwaite
  • Beth Ehlers as Mia Braithwaite
  • Jim Metzler as Mr. Dan Bragen
  • Jay Baker as Tony Younger
  • Liane Alexandra Curtis as Annette Dimetriano
  • Darren Dalton as Chris Henson
  • LaSaundra Hall as Dionne McAllister
  • Tammy Lauren as Giselle Kraft
  • David Packer as Neil "Trout" Troutman
  • K.C. Martel as Dale Troutman
  • Melora Hardin as Joy Villafranco

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