Teachers Only was an NBC sitcom created by Aaron Ruben, starring Lynn Redgrave & Norman Fell (known for starring on "Three's Company".

The show aired from April 14, 1982 to May 14, 1983, lasting for two seasons and 21 episodes.


"Teachers Only" centered on the faculty of a Los Angeles high school.

In the first season, the school was named Millard Fillmore High, but in the second season, it was changed to Woodrow Wilson High with a changed cast.

In both seasons of the show, Norman Fell played Principal Ben Cooper, but Lynn Redgrave's character, Diana Swanson, who had been an English teacher in the first season, became a guidance counselor in the second season.


Season 1

  • Lynn Redgrave as Diana Swanson
  • Norman Fell as Principal Cooper
  • Adam Arkin as Michael Dreyfuss
  • Van Nessa Clarke as Gwen Edwards
  • Norman Bartold as Assistant Principal Brody
  • Richard Karron as Mr. Pafko
  • Kit McDonough as Lois

Season 2

  • Lynn Redgrave as Diana Swanson
  • Norman Fell as Principal Cooper
  • Teresa Ganzel as Samantha Keating
  • Tim Reid as Michael Horne
  • Steve Ryan as Spud Le Boone
  • Jean Smart as Shari
  • Joel Brooks as Barney Betelman

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