Sonny Spoon

Sonny Spoon was an NBC network detective drama series created by Michael Daly, Dinah Prince, Stephen J. Cannell & Randall Wallace, starring Mario Van Peebles in the lead role.

The show premiered on February 12, 1988 as a mid-season replacement. It was renewed for a second season, but ended on December 16, 1988 after 15 episodes aired.


The show centered on Sonny Spoon, a hip, black private investigator who uses his street smarts and "cool" persona to solve crimes. He often assists (and is assisted by) Carolyn Gilder, an attractive assistant district attorney.

Additionally, Sonny was a master of disguises and spent part of any given episode dressed as a clergyman, an Arab tourist or an old lady.

He used his many connections on the streets and relationships with friends and informants (who were apparently attracted to him mostly by his vibrant personality as he had little cash to share with them) to further his ends and also the insights of his father, Mel, a bar owner.


  • Mario Van Peebles as Sonny Spoon
  • Melvin Van Peebles as Mel Spoon
  • Terry Donahoe as Carolyn Gilder
  • Jordana Capra as Monique
  • Bob Wieland as Johnny Skates
  • Larry Friel as Detective Bartlett

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