Six Pack was a NBC network drama TV series pilot based on the 1982 film of the same title starring Kenny Rogers.

The pilot premiered on July 24, 1983 and starred Don Johnson, Markie Post, Leaf Phoenix (also known as Joaquin Phoenix), Jennifer Runyon, Billy Warlock, Bubba Dean, Con Martin & Mae Marmy.

After the pilot aired, it was not picked up as a television series.


  • Don Johnson as Brewster Baker
  • Markie Post as Sally Leadbetter
  • Jennifer Runyon as Heather "Breezy" Akins
  • Billy Warlock as Duffy Akins
  • Bubba Dean as Rebel Akins
  • Con Martin as Hank Akins
  • Leaf Phoenix as Tad Akins
  • Mae Marmy as Sybil Cadbury

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