Scamps was an NBC network sitcom starring Bob Denver that aired on the network as a pilot on June 3, 1982.

Other cast members included Dreama Denver, Dena Dietrich, Joey Lawrence, Jennifer George, Erin Nicole Brown, Damon Hines, Matt Connors, Marissa Mendenhall, Scooter Cohen, Shannon Izuchara and Peter Jacobs.

After the pilot aired, it was not picked up for a series.


The plot was about a struggling writer named Oliver Hopkins who converts a spare room in house into a children's day care center to help pay the bills.

The premise of the show was supposed to be about relating to Oliver's efforts to write while caring for a group of mischievous kids: Princess, Cricket, Casey, Tank, Daisy, Scooter, Buttons, Sparky & Jinx.


  • Bob Denver as Oliver Hopkins
  • Dreama Denver as Mandy
  • Dena Dietrich as Miss Pitts
  • Joey Lawrence as Sparky
  • Jennifer George as Princess
  • Erin Nicole Brown as Cricket
  • Damon Hines as Casey
  • Matt Connors as Tank
  • Marissa Mendenhall as Daisy
  • Scooter Cohen as Scooter
  • Shannon Izuchara as Buttons
  • Peter Jacobs as Jinx


"Scamps" and "Here's Boomer" Promo (1982)00:21

"Scamps" and "Here's Boomer" Promo (1982)

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