Remington Steele was a NBC drama series starring Pierce Brosnan and Stephanie Zimbalist that lasted from October 1, 1982 to April 17, 1987.

It was created by Robert Butler & Michael Gleason. In 1986, the show was canceled by NBC, but it was revived by the network two months later.


One day, licensed private investigator Laura Holt opens her own detective agency. But not one person wanted to hire her, let alone work with her, because they think a woman detective is way too feminine. So she decides to create a fictional superior detective named Remington Steele, and that obviously worked because since then people come into her office asking her to solve cases. And by the time the series started, business is really booming. But then one day an occasional crook came in initially to rob Laura's stuff just to meet Remington Steele. But when he found out that there is no Remington Steele, and since no one knew his real name, not even himself, he decides to make himself be Remington Steele. Initially, Laura hated the idea; especially since she does the hard work while he takes all the credit. But as the series went on, they make a great team; they even get romantically involved. And the rest is history.

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