Mister T is an animated Saturday morning cartoon series that aired on NBC on 1983 to 1986. A total of 30 episodes were produced during all three seasons, with the thirteen episodes for Season 1, eleven for Season 2, and six episodes for the third and final season. The series was produced by Ruby-Spears Productions.


Mr. T is the coach of a teenaged gymnastics team (mainly focusing on Jeff, Woody, Robin, and Kim). Together, they travel around the world on a blue & white bus. Each time they go to a place or town, they run into a mystery to which they always manage to solve.

At the beginning of each episode, a live-action introduction featuring Mr. T himself is shown to explain what is going on. At the end of each episode, Mr. T narrates a moral lesson for the audience.


  • Mr. T (voiced by Mr. T) - He is the coach of the gymnastics team.
  • Ms. Priscilla Bisby (voiced by Takayo Fischer) - The team's well-mannered bus driver who loves mystery novels. Her catchphrase is "My stars and garters".
  • Jeff Harris (voiced by Shawn Lieber) - The wise guy of the team with a big ego.
  • Woody Daniels (voiced by Phil LaMarr) - An African-American gymnast and Jeff's friendly rival who wants to be a lawyer one day.
  • Robin O'Neill (voiced by Amy Linker) - A beautiful, blue-eyed redhead with freckles who's eager to jump into any situation. She also acts as Mr. T's second-in-command. Her catchphrase is "What the hairy heck?".
  • Kim Nakamura (voiced by Siu Ming Carson) - A Japanese girl who is a daughter to a scientist. She has a photographic memory that comes in handy as she can remember various magazine articles and book passages, including the issue or volume, and the page she read it on.
  • Spike O'Neill (voiced by Teddy Field III) - Robin's little brother who hero worships Mr. T.
  • Skye Redfern (voiced by Cathy Cavadini) - A Native American gymnast, whose grandfather was accused of a crime he didn't commit.
  • Garcia Lopez - A Latin American gymnast whose big brother Miguel is an archaeologist. He is a keen photographer.
  • Vince D'Amato - An Italian American who has dreams of being a movie star.
  • Courtney Howard - An African-American girl gymnast whose father is a major in the military. Her uncle is a magician who was previously a burglar.
  • Grant Kline - An ex-gang member who turned his life around, thanks to Jeff.
  • Bulldozer - Mr. T's bulldog with a similar mohawk. He is also called Dozer for short.


Additional voicesEdit

Episode ListEdit

Season 1Edit

Show Title Air Date
1 "Mystery of the Golden Medallions"
A new kid named Woody Daniels joins the team and he tries to fit in, but the others and not Mr. T turn him down. Meanwhile, sneaky & desperate criminals break open golden medallions, because they're searching for something inside them. They even kidnap Spike when he tries to confront them. Will the team rescue Spike and stop the guys before they find what they're looking for and before it's too late?
2 "Mystery of the Forbidden Monastery"
One of the team members tricked the team into going to New Mexico by making them think that they were invited to a meet there. But in reality, they came to solve a mystery of a monastery inhabited by monks who were mysteriously captured. Suddenly, members of the team get captured in there too, leaving only Mr. T & Woody. Will they rescue the team in time and find out what's going on?
3 "Mystery of the Mind-Thieves"
As the team visits Seattle, Kim's father, Mr. Nakamura, a software designer, is on urgent business with other scientists. However, a mysterious person using a mind-controlling device steals the minds of the scientists including Mr. Nakamura to obtain certain knowledge. The team plans to find out the mystery and save the scientists and their minds from this evil foe.
4 "Mystery on the Rocky Mountain Express"
After an unsuccessful meet in Salt Lake City, the team travels by train to Chicago. Little did they know, is that three crooks use that train to smuggle a top-secret biological virus and later a chimpanzee. Meanwhile, Garcia Lopez after a terrible performance, contemplates about quitting the team and started to feel uneasy as well.
5 "The Hundred-Year-Old Mystery"
Mr. T and the team are in Mississippi planning to turn a rundown plantation called "Magnolia House" into a gymnastics camp, but a gang of street car thugs called the Ghost Riders threatened to eliminate the team, because they are searching for something there. While at the house, Jeff tries to impress the young female caretaker of the house. Jeff's bragging to the pretty girl gets overheard by the Ghost Riders, who use that information which puts the team in danger. Rumor has it that the original owner of Magnolia House left something behind, and the team has to figure out what it is.
6 "The Crossword Mystery"
While in Washington, D.C., Ms. Bisby does a crossword puzzle and struggles to know the answer to a clue in the puzzle. Unfortunately for her, the team ignores her, because they are too wrapped up in their own things. But eventually, Woody tells Bisby what the word is. However, once the word was said, Ms. Bisby falls into a hypnotic state. And she's not the only one. Two college professors are also hypnotized. The team soon learns that this is the work of a crooked professor of psychology who is after the crown jewels of London. Will the team save Bisby & the professors in time and get back the crown jewels?
7 "The Ninja Mystery"
The team has a meet in New York City not too far from a movie location. Being near a movie location pleases team member Vince D'Amato since he wants to be a movie star. At the same time, a mysterious ninja is robbing stores nearby. But it is soon found out that robberies are a cover for something even bigger. The team has to unravel the mystery before the ninja makes a clean getaway.
8 "Dilemma of the Double-Edged Dagger"
In Mexico City, Mr. T was arrested for stealing a dagger that was stolen from a museum. The team actually gave it T as a birthday present. With T in jail, the team tried to clear his name by finding who the real crooks are and what's going on.
9 "Secret of the Spectral Sister"
Mr. T and the team visit Robin and Spike's parents in Chicago. Robin receives a phone call allegedly from her long-lost sister, Cathy, who had died in a plane crash five years before. At the same time, two burglars stole a picture of Cathy in Cathy's old room. This was part of a search for something that Cathy worked on before her death. The team has to find out more about Cathy, solve the mystery and bring the two burglars to justice.
10 "Mystery of the Silver Swan"
While in Lake Tahoe, Ms. Bisby's runs in to a classic car called the "Silver Swan", which prompts the team to investigate. Unknowingly, a local car dealer, museum staff and the car maker's original owner are part of an illegal automobile ring planning to sell duplicate copies of the Silver Swan and other vehicles. All as a way of keeping the owner's business from dying Robin tries to do everything for the team so she can get credit for this caper as well as the upcoming meet.
11 "Case of the Casino Caper"
"Whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" unless Mr. T and the team get involved in shutting down a high-stakes operation. Career criminals Hampton and Selby posing as soldiers plan on stealing the Million Dollar Jackpot at the Golden Horseshoe. Courtney tries to go solo to stop the thieves, but her actions might cost the team plenty. It's all or nothing for Mr. T to stop a Sherman tank from destroying a slot machine and making a clean getaway. In addition, Courtney gets enrolled to a prep military school and must decide to either go to that school or stay with the team.
12 "Fade Out at 50,000 Feet"
The team takes a rest in Miami and sees an air show starring Jeff's cousin "The Great Marco". During his air show stunt, which involves dropping a sports car by parachute, he turns up missing causing Jeff to worry. Meanwhile, Woody has fallen for a woman named Vanetta Price who's involved in something Woody doesn't want to know. His jealousy almost got him and the team in hot water as they make their way into the Everglades to try and solve this swamp of a mystery.
13 "Riddle of the Runaway Wheels"
The team heads into Monterey Bay to see an auto stunt show done by the Turbo Team in order to impress a Hollywood director to use their cars for his movie. At the same time, Robin develops a crush on the team's leader. However, a woman and two men are after something and plan on using the Turbo Team's prize automobile, the UltraCar to take it. Mr. T's wheels are spinning to solve this mystery before this caper speeds out of control.

Season 2Edit

Show Title Air Date
14 "Mystery in Paradise"
Despite a disappointing loss at the meet and Courtney's aquaphobia problem, the team found time to have a good time in Hawaii. Courtney's fear of water would have to be tested when she and the rest of the team encounter modern-day pirates stealing valuable jewels. Mr. T hopes to turn this trouble in paradise into a final luau for the pirates and still have time to enjoy Hawaii with the team.
15 "Mystery of the Black Box"
The team are in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada for a little skiing before their big meet when they catch a supersonic jet crashing down. Mr. T recovers a black box from the wreckage before it exploded. However, he and the team are now being chased by a group of spies called Snow Raiders who are desperate to get that black box from the team at any cost. It'll take nerves of steel to solve this mystery in the Great White North. Also the team notices that Spike is stubborn and won't ask for help when he needs it.
16 "Mystery of the Panthermen"
On Manzanita Island in the San Francisco Bay, people are being scared away & abducted by a group called the Panthermen who handle a giant panther. Mr. T and the team plan on investigating to uncover clues to the disappearances, while Jeff meets with a newspaper reporter who plans on turning the island into a tourist attraction. At the same time, a shady businessman wants to turn the island into a real estate development. The team soon learns that Panthermen incidents are part of the evil businessman's plans to force everybody off the island and a wealthy socialite to sell the island.
17 "Mystery of the Ghost Fleet"
The team is in Baltimore for a meet and Kim puts herself on a crash diet. Suddenly, Mr. T spotted a lifejacket belonging to a ship called the Argo which the locals say doesn't exist. Mr. T sets out to investigate where the Argo sank, but as they reach it, the ship blows up. Something's very fishy about this mystery and Mr. T is hoping to catch a bite to solve it. However, Kim's crash diet is weakening both herself and her ability to be part of the team, and Mr. T must help her understand the danger of eating disorders and fad diets.
18 "Mystery of the Ancient Ancestor"
The team visited a town called, Busted Springs, Arizona. It was a town owned & operated by the corrupt Rundle family who somehow harbors a bitter grudge against Skye's ancestor Joseph Redfern. The worst thing was that they even made the whole town hate Joseph and his family, including Skye. This has been going on for 75 years. Meanwhile, Ms. Bisby's nephew Ronald "Showbiz" Bisby came to help the team solve this 3/4 century old mystery.
19 "Magical Mardi Gras Mystery"
It was Mardi Grad time in New Orleans again and the team was there to celebrate & enjoy it all before a big meet. While they were there, they watched a magic show hosted by The Great Cadabra, who happens to be Courtney Howard's uncle Ross Howard. In the middle of the show, a jazz singer's jewelry was stolen and Jeff quickly suspected that it was Cadabra who did it. In fact, Cadabra was once a thief and a con man who has since went straight. But Jeff thinks he suddenly went back to his bad self as he coined the phrase "Once a con, always a con." But Courtney does not believe so, and wants the team to stop the real thief and clear his name.
20 "Mystery of the Disappearing Oasis"
Although Mr. T hates flying, he takes his team to Cairo, Egypt to meet Joanna Bakara, Kim's pen pal. Joanna's father is an Egyptologist trying to piece the mystery of the Pyramid of Amenhotep while his greedy comrade Dr. Fasiri and his henchmen kidnap Joanna and her father to get the ruby Joanna wears. Jeff knows why the ruby was important to unlock the mystery and sets off on his own.
21 "Fortune Cookie Caper"
It all started with dinner at a Chinese restaurant in New York's Chinatown. But a mysterious fortune cookie with a very strange fortune send them on a wild goose chase after a mysterious arsonist who steals rare items, including detective novels in Jeff's parents' mystery bookstore. Will the team unmasked this mad arsonist, bring him to justice and find out who his boss is?
22 "U.F.O. Mystery"
Woody's stubbornness about his astigmatism might have cost him a win at the meet in Rapid City, and it continued to get him into more trouble by the fact that he refuses to see an ophthalmologist on the basis that he may be prescribed eyeglasses. He was on his way to see Professor Andrews to see his latest inventions including Mr. T II, a robot version of Mr. T, but the professor was kidnapped. Suddenly, Woody spots a U.F.O. flying overhead. Suddenly, Mr. T and the rest of the team are caught up in an out-of-this-world mystery and an alleged abduction.
23 "Mystery of the Stranger"
We all have heard the phrase, "Never talk to or go with strangers," but apparently Spike did not listen as he was kidnapped by an evil married couple along with two other kids. All while the team was in Hollywood performing as stunt doubles. Their scheme was to make money by ransom demands. Will the team rescue Spike and stop the couple before it's too late?
24 "Cape Cod Mystery"
One night in Cape Cod, Robin picked up a perfect 10. Everybody was happy for her, until Spike accidentally took a picture of what looked like a sea monster. At which point the attention turned over to Spike. Naturally. Robin was mad & jealous, so in retaliation, she went out to sea to take a picture of the beast herself. Only to be captured by a group of oil smugglers who used a whale to scare everybody away by disguising it as a monster. They even held it's baby hostage. Will the team rescue Robin, save the whales, the oil and catch the smugglers before they get away.

Season 3Edit

Show Title Air Date
25 "The Williamsburg Mystery"
The team are in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, visiting a relative of Woody, to help restore an old house. Little did the team know that two crooks posing as Colonial soldiers raids a Colonial home for directions to a secret cave where a valuable diary is buried. Their boss wants that diary to add to his collection. Also what the team didn't know is that Spike has a reading problem. But ignoring his reading problem lands him in a mess of trouble with the crooks. Luckily, Spike makes it out OK, but he has to put his pride in check, while Mr. T and the team get to the bottom of this colossal Colonial caper.
26 "Mission of Mercy"
After a successful charity meet, Mr. T takes the team to the city of Samana to receive a cargo ship full of food, water and surplus aid to the village. Unfortunately, a crooked businessman named Saber hires mercenaries to hijack the ship and plan on selling the goods on the black market. Mr. T must now lead his team to find Saber and put him and his gang behind bars, and at the same time to teach the team about how situations in other countries are much different then where they live and rely on surviving in the desert.
27 "Mystery of the Open Crates"
Heading back to Chicago, Mr. T visits an old friend named Jimmy Stone, the owner of a youth center. At the same time, Courtney visits the gym to hopefully train with gold medalist Sally Owen, which Courtney finds out is more interested in herself than others. She manages to catch on and looks up to Mr. T more. Sally's actions would later get her barred for life, but the real big issue is a shady drug dealer named Speedy and his henchmen who plan on framing Jimmy in which to use the youth center and the neighborhood for his drug operations. Jimmy helped T get out of a gang during his youth and it's up to T to help him stop Speedy before everything comes tumbling down.
28 "The Playtown Mystery"
Just because someone's young, it doesn't make them worthless nor unbelievable. Jeff and Woody know that for a fact now. Back then, while the team was having a free tour of the Play Town amusement park, Spike saw two of its mascots, Marvin Mouse and Dingy Dog, acting suspicious and no one wanted to believe him. In truth, they were career criminals dressed as mascots (one of them being the mayor of Play Town) in order to retrieve gold bars from an active gold refinery in Play Town's Frontier Town section.
29 "The Comeback Mystery"
Heading back to New York City, the team does charity work and a new member of the team named Grant Kline has just signed up. Grant done athletic programs at the same high school as Jeff, but he has a falling out with his old friends, a group of bullies called the Chain Gang and their leader, Blade. They had Grant keep quiet about their activities or they will tell the police about his previous mistake of helping the Chain Gang steal a car, putting him in a precarious position. Mr. T hopes to help Grant erase his past and correct his mistakes in order to break the links to the Chain Gang.
30 "The Cape Kennedy Caper"
The series ends with an out-of-this-world caper from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida's Cape Canaveral. Robin brought her camera to take pictures for her school which Woody tries to take without permission. Suddenly, Robin sees two spies trying to take a photo from inside the shuttle. The spies have been hired by terrorists to blow up the shuttle as soon as it reaches orbit. Unfortunately for Robin, she got captured, and it's up to Mr. T and the team to stop the launch, save Robin and bring the spies to justice in this mystery of a final frontier.

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