This article contains an list of episodes of The Cool Bauernfeinds.

Pilot (2014)Edit

No. in series Title Original US Airdate Summary
Pilot "Pilot" May 19, 2014 The Bauerfeinds are a family, which is cool.

Season 1 (2015)Edit

No. in series Title Original US Airdate Summary
1 "Bauernfeind Cleaning" November 30, 2015 When Teensy acidentally vacuumed some of Caren's hair, he and Daniel take selfies with it.
2 "Eli Bauernfeind vs. Dexter" December 1, 2015 A dog named Eli and a cat named Dexter have an epic battle to see who wins.
3 "Daniel's Dream" December 2, 2015 Daniel Bauernfeind needs to live his dream: win a gold medal.
4 "Log Ride" December 3, 2015 The Bauernfeinds become obsessed with getting the best action shot on a log ride at an amusement park. Then they become wet and they want the best shot.

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