Joe's World

Joe's World was an NBC network sitcom created by Larry Rhyne & Mel Tokin, starring Ramon Bieri in the lead role.

The show premiered on December 28, 1979, but it was pulled off the air in January of 1980 after three episodes aired. The remaining episodes of the series aired from May 10 to July 12, 1980, lasting for 1 season & 11 episodes. Th simpsons


The show centered on Joe Wabash, a house painter living in Detroit and the father of five children: Steve, Maggie, Jimmy, Rick & Linda.


  • Ramon Bieri as Joe Wabash
  • K Callan as Katie Wabash
  • Christopher Knight as Steve Wabash
  • Melissa Sherman as Maggie Wabash
  • Michael Sharrett as Jimmy Wabash
  • Ari Zeltzer as Rick Wabash
  • Missy Francis as Linda Wabash
  • Russ Banham as Brad Hopkins
  • Misty Rowe as Judy Wilson
  • Frank Coppola as Andy

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