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Jennifer Slept Here was a NBC sitcom created by Larry Rosen & Larry Tucker, starring Ann Jillian in the lead role.

The show first premiered on October 21, 1983, airing on Friday nights (between "The Dukes of Hazzard" on CBS and "Webster" on ABC) and attracted somewhat decent ratings.

Repeats of the series (which were shown on Wednesday nights during the summer of 1984) often managed to make the Top 30, but it wasn't enough to guarantee a second season and the show ended on May 12, 1984 after 1 season & 13 episodes.


The show was about Jennifer Farrell, a once-popular movie actress who in 1963 made the unfortunate mistake of chasing an ice cream truck near her Los Angeles, California home. When the ice cream truck accidentally backed up, it ran her over, killing her.

About 20 years later, the Elliot family from New York City that consisted of couple George (who was a lawyer that handled Jennifer's posthumous affair, including the house) and Susan & their two children: teenage son Joey and 8-year-old daughter Marilyn.

The plot of the series was that Jennifer haunted the Elliot house—ostensibly to mentor and befriend the family's teenage son, Joey, who was the only person to whom she made herself visible.

Naturally, Joey had a hard time convincing his family and friends of Jennifer's ghostly existence. They not only refused to believe Joey's claim, but often concluded Joey needed psychiatric or other help.


  • Ann Jillian as Jennifer Farrell
  • John P. Navin, Jr. as Joey Elliot
  • Georgia Engel as Susan Elliot
  • Mya Akerling as Marilyn Elliot
  • Brandon Maggart as George Elliot
  • Glenn Scarpelli as Marc


  1. Jennifer Slept Here (10/21/1983)
  2. Jennifer: The Movie (10/28/1983)
  3. Not With My Date You Don't (11/4/1983)
  4. Boo (11/11/1983)
  5. Calendar Girl (11/18/1983)
  6. One Of Our Jars Is Missing (11/25/1983)
  7. Trading Faces (12/2/1983)
  8. Rebel With A Cause (12/16/1983)
  9. Risky Weekend (4/14/1984)
  10. Do You Take This Ghost? (4/21/1984)
  11. Life With Grandfather (4/28/1984)
  12. The Tutor Who Came To Dinner (5/5/1984)
  13. Take Jennifer, Please (5/12/1984)


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