It's Your Move

It's Your Move was an NBC sitcom created by Ron Leavitt & Michael G. Moye, starring Jason Bateman in the lead role which premiered on September 26, 1984, opening with some positive reception from critics, but its time slot competed with ABC's "Dynasty."

The show ended on February 23, 1985, ending after 1 season & 18 episodes.


The show centered on teenager Matthew "Matt" Burton, a young scam artist who lived in an apartment in Van Nuys, California with his widowed mother, Eileen and older sister, Julie.

Matthew ran various underhanded dealings with his high school friends (especially his sidekick Eli) such as term paper sales, exam answer keys, and blackmail.

The status quo of Matthew's world changed forever in the series' pilot when Norman Lamb moved into the apartment across the hall. A quick-witted but impoverished writer from Chicago, Norman struck up a friendship with Eileen and the two were soon dating.

Dismayed that his mother had chosen someone so far beneath her, Matt set upon sabotaging their relationship, but he soon finds he has met his match; Norman reveals himself to be cut from the same cloth as Matthew and foils plot after plot.


  • Jason Bateman as Matthew Burton
  • David Garrison as Norman Lamb
  • Caren Kaye as Eileen Burton
  • Adam Jay Sadowsky as Eli
  • Tricia Cast as Julie Burton
  • Ernie Sabella as Lou Donatelli
  • Garrett Morris as Principal Dwight Ellis


Year Association Category Recipient Result
1985 Young Artist Awards Best Young Actor in a Television Comedy Series Jason Bateman (nominated)
Best New Comedy or Drama Television Series
1986 Best Young Actress Starring in a Television Series Tricia Cast (nominated)

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