Hizzoner was an NBC sitcom, starring Kathy Cronkite (the daughter of CBS anchorman Walter Chrokite).

The show was very short-lived, airing from May 10 to June 14, 1979, lasting only 7 episodes.


"Hizzoner" was about Mayor Cooper, a widower with two grown children: Annie, a civil rights attorney, and James, a hippie.

An aspect of the series is that when things would get out of hand, Mayor Cooper would break into song and there was always a musical number in each episode.


  • David Huddleston as Mayor Cooper
  • Will Seltzer as James Cooper
  • Kathy Cronkite as Annie Cooper
  • Don Galloway as Donald Timmons
  • Diana Muldaur as Ginny
  • Gina Hecht as Melanie
  • Mickey Deems as Nails

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