Hill Street Blues was an NBC police drama series created by Steven Bochco which aired from January 15, 1981 to May 12, 1987.

The show's debut season was rewarded with eight Emmy Awards (which was a debut season record surpassed only by "The West Wing"). In total, the series received 98 Emmy nominations during its run.


Main Cast

  • Daniel J. Travanti as Captain Francis X. Furillo
  • Michael Conrad as Sergeant Philip Freemason Esterhaus [seasons 1-4]
  • Michael Warren as Officer Robert Hill
  • Bruce Weitz as Detective Michael Belker
  • James B. Sikking as Lt. Howard Hunter
  • Joe Spano as Detective Henry Goldblume
  • Barbara Bosson as Fay Furillo [seasons 1-6]
  • Taurean Blacque as Detective Neal Washington
  • Kiel Martin as Detective John D. LaRue
  • Rene Enriquez as Lt. Ray Calletano [seasons 1-6]
  • Betty Thomas as Officer Lucille Bates
  • Charles Haid as Officer Andrew J. Renko
  • Veronica Hamel as Joyce Davenport
  • Ed Marinaro as Officer Joseph Coffey [seasons 1-6]
  • Robert Hirschfeld as Leo Schnitz [seasons 1-5]
  • Robert Prosky as Sergeant Stan Jablonski [seasons 5-7]
  • Ken Olin as Detective Harry Garibaldi [episodes 75-78, season 5 ]
  • Mimi Kuzyk as Detective Patsy Mayo [season 5, episodes 105 & 134 ]
  • Dennis Franz as Detective Norman Buntz [seasons 6-7]
  • Robert Clohessy as Officer Patrick Flaherty [season 7]
  • Megan Gallagher as Detective Tina Russo [ 7 ]

Recurring Cast

  • Jon Cypher as Chief Fletcher Daniels
  • Gerry Black as Sgt. Alf Chesley [seasons 1-3]
  • Vincent Lucchesi as Captain Jerry Fuchs [seasons 1-5]
  • George Wyner as ADA Irwin Bernstein [seasons 2-7]
  • Jeffrey Tambor as Alan Wachtel [seasons 2-7]
  • Lisa Sutton as Robin Tattaglia Belker [seasons 3-7]
  • Ellen Blake as Natalie Deroy [seasons 4-5]
  • Gary Miller as Officer Ballantine
  • Peter Jurasik as Sidney Thurston [seasons 3-7]


Hill Street Blues Opening 198501:22

Hill Street Blues Opening 1985

Hill Street Blues 1981 NBC Promo00:32

Hill Street Blues 1981 NBC Promo

1986 NBC Hill Street Blues Promo00:20

1986 NBC Hill Street Blues Promo

Hill Street Blues promo 198200:19

Hill Street Blues promo 1982

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