Hello larry

Hello, Larry was an NBC sitcom, starring McLean Stevenson, Donna Wilkes, Krista Errickson, Kim Richards & Joanna Gleason.

The show aired from January 26, 1979 to April 29, 1980, lasting for two seasons and 38 episodes.


The show was about Larry Alder, a radio talk host who leaves Los Angeles, California and moves to Portland, Oregon with his two teenage daughters Diane and Ruthie after getting divorced.


  • McLean Stevenson as Larry Alder
  • Donna Wilkes as Diane Alder #1
  • Krista Errickson as Diane Alder #2
  • George Memmoli as Earl
  • Ruth Brown as Leona Wilson
  • Matt De Luccio as Bobby
  • Kim Richards as Ruthie Alder
  • Joanna Gleason as Morgan (season 1)
  • George Memmoli as Earl (season 1)
  • Ruth Brown as Leona (season 2)
  • John Femia as Tommy (season 2)
  • Fred Struthman as Henry Alder (season 2)
  • Meadowlark Lemon as himself


Hello Larry Season 1 Intro01:01

Hello Larry Season 1 Intro

Hello Larry Season 2 Intro01:02

Hello Larry Season 2 Intro

"Hello Larry" Promo (1979)00:11

"Hello Larry" Promo (1979)

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