Harris and Company

Harris and Company was a short-lived NBC network drama series, created by Arthur A. Ross which premiered on March 15, 1979.

The series was based upon the TV movie "Love Is Not Enough" that aired on NBC on June 12, 1978 and was the first weekly American TV drama series centered on an African-American family.

The series aired for only four episodes, ending on April 5, 1979 and was the lowest-rated U.S. broadcast network primetime series that season.


The show was about Mike Harris, a working-class African-American father of five who relocates his family from Detroit, Michigan to Los Angeles, California after the death of his wife.


  • Bernie Casey as Mike Harris
  • David Hubbard as David Harris
  • Renee Brown as Liz Harris
  • Lia Jackson as Juanita "J.P." Harris
  • Dain Turner as Richard Harris
  • Eddie Singleton as Tommy Harris
  • Stu Gilliam as Charlie Adams
  • Carol Tillery Banks as Angie Adams
  • Lois Walden as Louise Foreman
  • James Luisi as Harry Foreman

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