Game of silence

Game of Silence was an NBC drama television series based on the Turkish series "Suskunlar", starring David Lyons, Michael Raymond-James, Larenz Tate and Bre Blair.

The show aired from April 12th to June 5, 2016, lasting 10 episodes.


The show was about when a lawyer's life is thrown into disarray when his childhood friends resurface to seek his help in avenging an injustice from a youth-detention facility 25 years earlier.


  • David Lyons as Jackson Brooks
  • Michael Raymond-James as Gil Harris
  • Larenz Tate as Shawn Cook
  • Bre Blair as Jessie West
  • Conor O'Farrell as Roy Carroll
  • Deidrie Henry as Detective Liz Winters
  • Demetrius Grosse as Terry Bosch
  • Claire van der Boom as Marina Nagle
  • Derek Phillips as Boots
  • Sharon Lawrence as Diana Stockman
  • Nikki Tomlinson as Annie Nolan
  • Curran Walters as Young Jackson Brooks
  • Judah Lewis as Young Gill Harris
  • McCarrie McCausland as Young Shawn Cook
  • Katie Kelly as Young Jessie West
  • Myles Grier as Young Terry Bouch
  • Cannon Kluytman as Young Gary "Boots" Nolan


Game Of Silence Trailer 102:36

Game Of Silence Trailer 1

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