Ferris bueller tv show

Ferris Bueller was a NBC network sitcom series based on the 1986 John Hughes' film "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" that premiered on August 23, 1990.

The show starred Charlie Schlatter (in the lead title role), Jennifer Aniston (who would later go on to star in "Friends"), Sam Freed, Cristine Rose, Brandon Douglas, Richard Riehle, Judith Kahan, Ami Dolenz and Jeff Maynard.

It aired on Monday evenings (along with "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air") and had strong ratings at first, but they later declined in the following weeks.

The series received negative reviews from critics and was compared to the FOX network series "Parker Lewis Can't Lose" (which lasted longer than "Ferris Bueller").

On December 16, 1990 "Ferris Bueller" was cancelled after 13 episodes. It was replaced midseason with the sitcom "Blossom".


  • Charlie Schlatter as Ferris Bueller
  • Brandon Douglas as Cameron Frye
  • Ami Dolenz as Sloan Peterson
  • Jennifer Aniston as Jeannie Bueller
  • Richard Riehle as Principal Edward R. Rooney
  • Cristine Rose as Barbara Bueller
  • Sam Freed as Bob Bueller
  • Judith Kahan as Grace
  • Jeff Maynard as Arthur Petrelli
  • Jerry Tullos as Mr. Rickets
  • David Glasser as Dork
  • Brandon Rane as Wimp
  • Roy Brocksmith as Mr. Carter

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