Casper and angels

Casper and the Angels was a 30-minute NBC Saturday morning animated series based on the Harvey Comics character, Casper the Friendly Ghost.

The show aired from September 22 to December 15, 1979.


The show was about Casper the Friendly Ghost as a guardian angel to two female motorcycle space officers named Mini and Maxi. They are joined by a rambunctious ghost named Hairy Scary, who would scare villains and troublemakers, but (unlike most other ghosts), he was accepting of the fact that Casper was a gentle ghost who did not like to scare people.

Voice CastEdit

  • Julie McWhirter: Casper
  • Diana McCannon: Space Patrol Officer Maxi
  • Laurel Page: Space Patrol Officer Mini
  • John Stephenson: Hairy Scary and Commander
  • Hal Smith: Nerdley
  • Paul Winchell: Fungo

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