Boone was an NBC network drama series created by Earl Hammer Jr.

The first ten episodes of the series aired from September 26 to December 12, 1983 & the last three episodes aired from July 28 to August 11, 1984.


Set in the 1950s, "Boone" was about a teenage boy named Boone Sawyer from Tennessee, who has dreams of becoming a country music star despite his father's hopes that he would join him in the automobile repair business.


  • Tom Byrd as Boone Sawyer
  • Greg Webb as Rome Hawley
  • Barry Corbin as Merit Sawyer
  • Amanda Peterson as Squirt Sawyer
  • Elizabeth Huddle as Faye Sawyer
  • Kitty Moffat as Susannah Sawyer
  • Ronnie Clair Edwards as Aunt Dolly
  • William Edward Phipps as Uncle Link
  • Davis Roberts as Mr. Johnson
  • Julie Anne Haddock as Banjo
  • Robyn Lively as Amanda
  • Chris Hebert as Norman

Episode ListEdit

  1. The Monument (09/26/1983)
  2. The Last Dance (10/3/1983)
  3. Banjo (10/10/1983)
  4. The Trial (10/17/1983)
  5. Second Fiddle (10/24/1983)
  6. The Decision (10/31/1983)
  7. The Graduation (11/14/1983)
  8. Chance of a Lifetime (11/21/1983)
  9. The Audition (12/5/1983)
  10. Words and Music (12/12/1983)
  11. Hard to Get (07/28/1984)
  12. The Front Line (08/4/1984)
  13. The Runaway (08/11/1984)


Boone and Choices of the Heart Promo (December 4, 1983)00:30

Boone and Choices of the Heart Promo (December 4, 1983)

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