Beverly Hills Buntz was an NBC comedy-drama series (which was a spin-off of "Hill Street Blues") created by David Milich an Jeffrey Lewis.

The cast consisted of Dennis Franz, Peter Jurasik and Dana Wheeler-Nicholson.

The show premiered on November 5, 1987 and after only 13 episodes aired, it was cancelled on April 22, 1988, leaving 4 episodes unaired.


The show was about gruff police detective Norman Buntz who leaves the Hill for Los Angeles, California where he opens up a detective agency and also brings along Sid Thurston (also known as "Sid the Snitch") as his sidekick.


  • Dennis Franz as Norman Buntz
  • Peter Jurasik as Sid Thurston
  • Dana Wheeler-Nicholson as Rebecca Giswold


  1. "Pilot" / 1987.11.05
  2. "Fit to Be Tied" / 1987.11.29
  3. "Sid and Randy" / 1987.12.24
  4. "Duck! L'Orange!" / 1988.01.27
  5. "Umbrella in the Water" / 1988.03.25
  6. "Brief Encounter" / 1988.04.01
  7. "El Norte by Norte West" / 1988.04.08
  8. "Buntz of the Desert" / 1988.04.15
  9. "A Christmas Carol" / 1988.04.22
  10. "Ad Astra Per Peoria" / [Unaired]
  11. "A Falcone in the Hand" / [Unaired]
  12. "Cannon-Aid" / [Unaired]
  13. "Terry and the Pirates" / [Unaired]

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