Press photo of Lauren Tewes & Vicki Lawrence

Anything For Love was an NBC network sitcom pilot that starred Lauren Tewes and Vicki Lawrence. Other cast members included Christa Denton, Leaf Phoenix, Marsha Warfield and Rebeca Arthur. 

The pilot premiered on NBC on August 7, 1985 and after the pilot aired, it was not picked up for a series.


Set in Dayton, Ohio, the premise of the series was supposed to be about two beauticians, Dot Bailey (Lauren Tewes), a single mother of two: daughter Allison (Christa Denton) & Timmy (Leaf Phoenix) and Elaine Monty (Vicki Lawrence), a single woman looking for love, who own their own beauty salon & how they deal with the struggles of work, family & men.


  • Lauren Tewes as Dot Bailey
  • Vicki Lawrence as Elaine Monty
  • Christa Denton as Allison Bailey
  • Leaf Phoenix as Timmy Bailey
  • Marsha Warfield as Cleo
  • Rebeca Arthur as Jenny

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