Ann jillian

Ann Jillian was an NBC network sitcom starring actress Ann Jillian that premiered on November 30, 1989. Other cast members included Lisa Rieffel, Amy Lynne, Zachary Rosencratz, Noble Willingham, Chantel Rivera-Batisse and Cynthia Harris.

The show first aired on Thursday nights, but was moved to Sunday nights by December of 1989.

In January of 1990, the show was pulled from the line-up for retooling after 7 episodes and didn't return until August of 1990 where it aired for 4 more episodes before ending on September 1, 1990 after only one season & 11 episodes.


After the death of her firefighter husband, Ann McNeil and her teenage daughter, Lucy move from New York to the northern California village of Marvel where Ann and her husband went for their honeymoon.

Lucy is reluctant to her new surroundings in a new town, but she begins to adjust and makes new friends. Ann is also learning to adjust as well as she starts a new job at a gift shop run by Mrs. Hufnagel.

The teens that Lucy hangs out with were Kaz, Melissa, and Robin. Kaz's well-meaning grandfather, Duke, helped Ann and Lucy in their new surroundings.


  • Ann Jillian as Ann McNeil
  • Lisa Rieffel as Lucy McNeil
  • Noble Willingham as Duke Howard
  • Cynthia Harris as Sheila Hufnagel
  • Zachary Rosencrantz as Kaz Sumner
  • Amy Lynne as Robin Winkle
  • Chantal Rivera-Batisse as Melissa Santos


Ann Jillian Opening Credits00:56

Ann Jillian Opening Credits

Ann Jillian Series Premiere Promo00:24

Ann Jillian Series Premiere Promo

Ann Jillian Promo (1989)00:21

Ann Jillian Promo (1989)

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