Allison sydney harrison

Press photo of Katy Kurtzman and Ted Danson

Allison Sydney Harrison was an NBC network crime drama TV pilot starring Katy Kurtzman (as the title character) and Ted Danson. Other cast members consisted of Don Calfa, Ellen Travolta, Clyde Kusatsu & James McEachin.

The pilot premiered on NBC on August 19, 1983 and after the pilot aired, it was not picked up for a TV series on the network.


Set in San Francisco, California, the show was supposed to center on high school student Allison Sidney Harrison, who teams up with her wealthy private detective father, David Harrison to solve crimes.

In the pilot episode, Allison and David team to solve the murder of a beautiful woman in which their chauffeur, Pat Rosetti, is the prime suspect.


  • Katy Kurtzman as Allison Sydney Harrison
  • Ted Danson as David Harrison
  • Don Calfa as Pat Rosetti
  • Ellen Travolta as Joyce
  • Clyde Kusatsu as Jimmy
  • James McEachin as Lt. Jesse Herman

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