All is forgiven

All is Forgiven was an NBC network sitcom that was created by Howard Gewitz and Ian Praiser which aired on March 20, 1986.

The cast consisted of Bess Armstrong, Terence Knox, Shawnee Smith, Carol Kane, Valerie Landsburg and David Alan Grier.

After only 9 episodes aired, the series was cancelled on June 12, 1986, but on August 23, 1986, the series premiere was re-aired as a "special presentation" program on NBC.


The show was about a woman named Paula Russell, who works as the producer of a soap opera called "All is Forgiven" who marries a donut executive named Matt Russell who has a teenage daughter named Sonia.


  • Bess Armstrong as Paula Russell
  • Terence Knox as Matt Russell
  • Carol Kane as Nicolette Bingham
  • Shawnee Smith as Sonia Russell
  • Valerie Landsburg as Lorraine Elder
  • Judith-Marie Bergan as Cecile Porter-Lindsey
  • David Alan Grier as Oliver Royce
  • Bill Wiley as Wendell Branch
  • Debi Richter as Sherry Levy


All is Forgiven Opening Credits00:59

All is Forgiven Opening Credits

Night Court, All is Forgiven & Hill Street Blues Promo (1985)00:29

Night Court, All is Forgiven & Hill Street Blues Promo (1985)

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