3rd Rock from the Sun

3rd Rock from the Sun was an NBC sci-fi sitcom created by Bonnie Turner and Terry Turner.

The show aired from January 9, 1996 to May 22, 2001, lasting for 6 seasons & 139 episodes.


The series was about four extraterrestrials: Dick, Sally, Harry & Tommy, who are on an expedition to Earth and they pose as a human family to observe the behavior of human beings.


Main Cast

  • John Lithgow as Dick Solomon
  • Kristen Johnston as Sally Solomon
  • French Stewart as Harry Solomon
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Tommy Solomon
  • Jane Curtin as Dr. Mary Albright
  • Simbi Khali as Nina Campbell
  • Wayne Knight as Don (seasons 2-6)
  • Elmarie Wendell as Mrs. Dubcek

Recurring Cast

  • David DeLuise as Bug Pollone
  • Ian Lithgow as Leon
  • Danielle Nicolet as Caryn
  • Chris Hogan as Aubrey Pitman
  • Ileen Getz as Dr. Judith Draper
  • Shay Astar as August Leffler (seasons 1–3)
  • Larisa Oleynik as Alissa Strudwick (seasons 4–6)
  • Ron West as Dr. Vincent Strudwick (seasons 2–6)
  • William Shatner as The Big Giant Head
  • Jan Hooks as Victoria Marie "Vicki" Dubcek [seasons 2-4]
  • John Cleese as Dr. Liam Neesam [seasons 3 and 6]
  • Chyna as Janice
  • Michael Milhoan as Coach Strickland

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