Number of Episodes
First aired
September 14, 1985
Last aired
May 6, 1990
Created by
C.J. Banks
Bill Boulware

227 is an American sitcom that originally aired on NBC from September 14, 1985, until May 6, 1990, starring Marla Gibbs (from "The Jeffersons").

Other cast members of the show throughout the series' run consisted of Hal Williams, Jackée Harry, Alaina Reed Hall, Helen Martin, Regina King, Curtis Baldwin, Kia Goodwin, Countess Vaughn, Toukie A. Smith, Barry Sobel, Paul Winfield and Stoney Jackson.

In 1987, Jackée Harry won a Primetime Emmy Award for "Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series" and was also nominated for a Golden Globe Award for "Best Supporting Actress – Series, Miniseries or Television Film".


The show was about the lives of people in a middle-class apartment building in Washington, D.C and was centered around Mary Jenkins, a nosy, tart-tongued housewife.


  • Marla Gibbs as Mary Jenkins
  • Hal Williams as Lester Jenkins
  • Alaina Reed Hall as Rose Lee Holloway
  • Jackée Harry as Sandra Clark
  • Regina King as Brenda Jenkins
  • Helen Martin as Pearl Shay
  • Curtis Baldwin as Calvin Dobbs
  • Kia Goodwin as Tiffany Halloway [season 1]
  • Countess Vaughn as Alexandria DeWitt [season 4]
  • Toukie Smith as Eva Rawley [season 5]
  • Paul Winfield as Julian C. Barlow [season 5]
  • Stoney Jackson as Travis Filmore [season 5]
  • Barry Sobel as Dylan McMillian [season 5]
  • Kevin Peter Hall as Warren Merriwether [season 5]

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